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Take a Break from Social Media

I just deleted my Facebook and Twitter apps on my phone. I realize how stupid people are being on both those platforms. I like reading stuff from James Martin and seeing Shiva Rea's beautiful posts, but honestly I'm tired of people ranting about the same problems without considering the root cause of them.

We've forgotten our spirit. We really have. We have forgotten how deeply we're connected to one another. 

I'm coming to the end of a beautiful book by Beverly Lanzetta. It shared the vows from many nonviolent communities, one was from Martin Luther King, Jr. If those who walked with him saw the violence being carried out in the name of racism, they would say, "That's not the way." In fact, John Lewis himself said it.

We need more nonviolent peacekeepers. Gandhi called it "satyagraha."

Years ago, I remember reading Power vs. Force by David Hawkins. Some of the research is somewhat dubious, but theoretically, it poses an interesting question--how do our inner states affect those around us?

There are people who walk around every day with the heaviness of shame, guilt, and even anger. We have one in the White House. We carry around our heavy baggage of grievances and blame the world for it. We don't even see the world any other way. 

Meanwhile, there are people of light. The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr, Thich Nhat Hanh, Deepak Chopra. These people are current examples of the benevolent energies of peace, hope, and love. Because of their energy, the world is able to sustain itself. The faster, higher energies of these people keep us alive because they know the power of the spirit. They have an effect on others. They inspire others.

On the other hand, those who have the slower, heavier energy also affect others. They pull people down. They need others to join them in their slower energy so that they have more power. The world is dragged down by this slower energy.

There is an energetic Mendoza line. It is the point where, if the collective conscious of all goes below that line, the world destroys itself. I fear we are reaching that point. 

As more of these spiritual role models--these beings of lighter, faster energy--move on from this world, who will replace them? Are we waiting for others to turn on their light, or can we look to the works of these people and turn on our own? 

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