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You Don't Need a Life Coach. You Just Need a Life

One of the health incentives at my former job was to schedule a call with a "health coach." This person would ask me several questions regarding my lifestyle, like how many servings of fruits and veggies I got per day and how often I exercised. On the overall health assessment, I typically scored "above average" in spite of the fact that my feelings about my job actually pulled down my score. Yet this "health coach" wanted to give me some advice about how I could incorporate more vegetables in my diet. It was basically 15 minutes of my life wasted.

My friend Jennifer and I used to laugh at these so-called "health coaches." We knew that they didn't hold a medical certification of any kind, but they probably appreciated the title on their LinkedIn profile. The advice they would offer was rather mediocre, and it was usually something I could read in Prevention magazine.

Now what's popular is "life coach." Seriously? Why do you need a coach for your life? Do you not have any friends? What can this "life coach" tell you that a therapist cannot?

Seriously, though, that's what it's all about. It's about exploring what's going on inside your head and heart. A LICENSED therapist is a good start because he/she can address some of the issues that you choose to keep hidden. You walk safely with this person through some repressed trauma, but you also gain a better perception of the drama you might be creating in your current life.

You might choose to stay with this therapist, or you might choose to continue your journey of self-exploration alone. This requires some self-reflection and humility. It means recognizing that although others might not have treated you perfectly, you yourself have not reacted perfectly.

It also means modifying your behavior. Your "life coach" isn't going to be with you every moment of the day, but you will. If you cannot make a decision without consulting your "life coach," I suggest you read some literature on the nature of codependency.

Many of us want to be free, and we resist setting boundaries and living by rules. Yet it's ironic that we want to pay good money to have a "life coach" tell us what to do. You know exactly what to do. You just have to swallow your pride and do it.

Besides, let's face it, most of these "life coaches" don't have a valid certification from a governing body. I see a lot of posts from them, and they're just spitting out the same cliches from the latest "mindset" trend. I see too much misinformation and junk science emerge from these circles, and they profit from your naivety.

Instead, spend your money on living your life with authenticity. It takes some practice at first. It requires questioning your intention and motive behind your words and actions. It means figuring out your values, and how you want to live out your values.

After a while, you just live your life with a moment-to-moment freedom. You make a habit out of living authentically, knowing that your walk is unique. No "life coach" can speak of this life, because this walk is exclusively yours.

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