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You are this Light

This morning's passage meditation on the Attadipa Viharatha comes from the Green Bay Zen Center. Although most translations of this sutra will say "be islands unto yourselves," I found this translation to be beautiful. It still echoes the same idea--for us to drop the illusions and stories that tend to weigh heavily upon us. We don't rely on others to define us. Instead, we are unaffected by other people's opinions and labels.

You can find the translation at this website. If you want to read the more traditional translation, head to this website. Plum Village Hong Kong also has a transcript from a talk from Thich Nhat Hanh about the Island of Self.

Here is the Green Bay Zen Center translation, which I read on Tuesday, April 27:

You are this light of pure selfless awareness.
Rely upon selfless awareness.
Do not rely upon concepts of self and other that appear.
Do not depend upon beliefs, sensations, and
emotions, which arise and fall away.
Meditative awareness, clear intention, acting
wisely, compassionately and skillfully are this
Rely upon this only!
Rely upon this ceaselessly!
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