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Living in spirit

What if you could imagine a world beyond race, creed, sexual preference, social status, economic status, region, or political party? How about a world beyond right or wrong, or beyond winning?

This is the world of spirit.

Spirit is what connects us together. It is the energy around us and within us. It is less about positive negative, but it is a matter of our awareness of it. And many of us are not aware of the fact that we are connected to one another.

If you want to believe in creation, we are are descended from two beings. We are created in God’s image. If you believe in evolution, we have all grown into the same species—Homo sapiens. A grasshopper never argues with another about politics. Fish seem to be smarter than we are, living in schools where in a split second they turn. They are connected.

Mystics seem to understand this. When someone sits in contemplation, it’s less about getting what you want. It’s not a prayer of petition, where you ask God to do something for you. It’s about becoming more aware of our connectedness to others. You open up your heart and mind and feel in tune with spirit.

It is said that when two people meditate, they are connected to each other. They can even sense one another. That fascinates me.

We even see it with people who love one another. How is it that a mother knows when her child is in harm? I’ve seen studies where dogs know when their owners will arrive at home, even if that time is different from day to day. Some believe they have connected with love ones who have passed away.

Living in spirit is less about individualism and more about community. Because we see that what we do has impact on others, we make choices that influence the collective. We don’t take offense in what someone else has said to us because we recognize the person is speaking from their own level of spiritual awareness, which might be limited. Instead, we recognize that we’ve all had experiences that color our present situation, and we aim to clean the glass of our consciousness so we can see more clearly.

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