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A Little Bit of Remodeling

I know it's been a while since I've posted on here, but I've been remodeling a bit. You might notice I've changed some of the website around, adding some more content to the body, mind, and spirit pages. I've been learning a ton on search engine optimization, so I know it requires a significant overhaul of my website.

For those people who follow me on Insight Timer, you know my life has been remodeling.

When you notice that your house is beginning to fall apart, there comes a time when you have to remodel. You can sometimes forsake your kitchen for a month or so while it gets remodeled, and it comes with a bit of inconvenience.

However, sometimes the whole house needs remodeling. You need to gut an entire floor, so you decide to live in the basement for a while as the world upstairs shifts. It's heartbreaking to see the house with so many memories in total shambles, but you know that it couldn't sustain life the way it used to be. The structures were no longer sound, and the electrical system had needed a total rewiring. So you let the crew take a wrecking ball to the whole place.