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Full Moon In Paris Ondertitels Nederlands

GALILEO:From my observations, I've been led to the opinion that thesurface of the moon is not smooth, uniform, as a great number of philosophersbelieve it and the other heavenly bodies to be, but is uneven, rough and fullof cavities and prominences, being, not unlike the face of the earth, relievedby chains of mountains and deep valleys.

Full Moon in Paris ondertitels Nederlands

Alvin and Simon, meanwhile, are forced to search a nearby cave for mushrooms for "Prince Theodore," with Alvin growing increasingly fed-up with the situation ("3:00 in the morning and Prince Theodore has a craving for MUSHROOMS! I hope he chokes on 'em!"). Inside the cave, they find a series of ideograms on the walls, which Simon translates as "Sacrifice the Prince of Plenty on the full moon." They look up and see a full moon overhead. Alvin looks at Simon and exclaims, "Over my dead body!" but in the next scene, all three Chipmunks are tied to stakes by the natives for no reason, hanging precariously above a pit full of crocodiles, much to Simon's annoyance ("You mean, over OUR dead bodies."). In a desperate attempt to delay their own deaths, they sing the song "Wooly Bully", which pleases the natives and lasts just long enough for The Chipettes to rescue them. 041b061a72

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