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Play and Learn Chess with APKCombo: The Best Chess Apps for Android

Virtua Fighter 6 is currently little more than a rumour, but in a way that doesn't matter - any of the games from Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution onwards will reward players that have the passion and commitment to truly learn a character inside and out, and it will reward them endlessly. Virtua Fighter will always be the first 3D fighting game, and others will always be following its example. They might adopt some of its features and bonuses (notably Tekken 5's wholesale adoption of Evolution's innovations), but thanks to AM2's talent and experience, or maybe that indefinable Yu Suzuki magic, Virtua Fighter will always play like chess when all the rest are just chequers.

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Twenty-six characters are available to play in the game, with nine making their first appearance in the series. Deception contains several new features in the series, such as chess and puzzle games with the MK characters and an online mode. The Konquest Mode returns from Deadly Alliance, but follows the life of Shujinko, a warrior who is deceived by Onaga to search for artifacts to give Onaga more powers. Deception's Konquest Mode differs greatly from the Konquest Mode of Deadly Alliance, however, containing elements of open-world exploration in between story progression, rather than the Kombat Tower of Deadly Alliance.

"Chess Kombat" is minigame similar to classical chess. Each piece type is represented by a character of the player's choosing. As with regular chess, the quantity and movement of each piece is determined by their rank. The game can only end when one player takes the other team's 'Champion' (or King in traditional chess). The biggest difference is that all attempts to take a square are literally contested. Players will engage in one round of combat, with the winner taking the square.

Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon wanted Deception to be an unpredictable fighting game that gave players new features "they could never imagine". In order to do so, the Midway staff listened to fans on bulletin boards to know what to work on for Deception, such as the playable characters. Wanting to surprise fans and make the game deeper, they added the puzzle and chess minigames (the chess minigame had first been considered for Deadly Alliance, but the developers lacked time to implement it).[12][13] Boon and John Podlasek supervised the staff, which was divided into teams to work on different areas of the game. One of their concerns was to maintain the traditional feel of the MK series as they wanted the game's violence to make it a more realistic fighting game, rather than "a fighting simulator".[14]

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