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!!LINK!! Download WHM 1226 Boot Boot Zip

For the Asus UEFI boot system you need to boot the Acronis Rescue media in the same UEFI mode as your Windows OS uses, if you are using the standard, Linux based, rescue media, you may need to disable Secure Boot in the Asus UEFI settings, though the WinPE version of the media should be able to boot correctly.

Download WHM 1226 Boot Boot zip

Additionally, some systems just won't boot UEFI from a DVD/CD. You may want to try creatig it on a USB flash drive and then using your one time boot menu or boot override menu to specifically ensure that you are booting the USB flash drive in UEFI mode.

1) My Asus PC (M32CD) which has an EUFI/BIOS in which you cannot disable the "Secure boot". (I find an article ((see attached)) explaining how you can do this, but my PC has only a few months and I want to find another solution for warranty purposes)

ddh43, from a quick search on Google, your ASUS M32CD is a 64-bit capable desktop system, and you can therefore create the Acronis bootable WinPE Rescue Media directly within the ATIH 2016 application on your USB stick.

Had some problems to install the Iso file to a USB stick but with the soft "Rufus" in the "GPT partition scheme for UEFI" mode I was able to boot with USB stick (without disabling the Asus Secure Boot) 041b061a72

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