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SQL Plus: A Versatile and Flexible Tool for Oracle Database Administration on Windows 7 32 Bit

it appears that the reason for the error is that we are not using the right character set for the sql*plus command. the proper code page for sql*plus is 850, and so you would need to set nls_lang to american_america.al32utf8.

Sql Plus Free Download For Windows 7 32 Bit

to ensure this, i installed the following language pack on my computer. you can do this by clicking administration from the windows menu, clicking language support, and clicking add new to select the language pack you want to install. the nls_lang parameter then needs to be set to the value of american_america.al32utf8.

this is how to install this language pack. first, you need to download the language pack from a trusted website. then, you need to install it. for example, the language pack i used is for the united states (north america).

i needed to install the language pack to upgrade the version of sql*plus i was running. you dont have to do this for your development environment. for example, you can just run the program with the correct nls_lang environment variable set in your profile. however, if you want to change it, then you will need to install the language pack first.

set nls_lang=american_america.al32utf8 sql plus free download for windows 7 32 bit then, you need to restart sql*plus. you can restart sql*plus by selecting the oracle menu item, then clicking database, then clicking restart. you can also restart the sql*plus service on windows by restarting your computer.

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