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Sonic CD PSN

Ohshima cited the film Back to the Future (1985) as an influence on the time travel.[16] The developers designed four variants of each stage (one for each time period).[17] Ohshima hoped for the time period to change instantly with a "sonic boom" effect, but the programmers argued this was impossible and produced a loading sequence instead.[16] Sega did not pressure the team developing Sonic CD as much as the one developing Sonic 2. Ohshima felt this was because Sonic CD is not a numbered sequel; he considered it a recreation of the original game.[16] The total game data of Sonic CD is 21 megabytes (MB), compared to Sonic 2's 1 MB.[11] The game includes animated cutscenes produced by Studio Junio; the team used a format that provided uncompressed imagery to the video display processor, which allowed for superior results in contrast to the Cinepak compression used for other Sega CD games.[11] The special stages feature Mode 7-like background plane manipulation effects.[18] Time constraints led to one of the levels being cut.[17]

Sonic CD PSN

When you start a level you can change the music by putting your own CD in. To do this sonic must be in the present not the past or the future. Once you put your CD in you have to hit start then the A,B, or C button. This will kill sonic but it is the only way to get the system to play your CD. Once you did this you will hear a song from your CD playing in the background. You must put the Sonic CD game back in whenever you: travel to the past or future, enter a bonus stage, or pass the level or else the system will lock up. Note: This can only be done on the newer Sega CD. 041b061a72

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