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the earliest teachers in vogue of the ethiopian tradition were pastoral and orthodox roman catholics. at first, christianity was prohibited. it was additionally proscribed in 1875 by way of emperor menelik ii. in 1936, a decree of grand vizier lij kassa mandated the expulsion of all christians from the country. the ban was extended to all denominations in 1942, when the regime cracked down on other groups, notably the ethiopian orthodox christians. the scholars who studied the hebrew and greek scriptures in addition to adopting the coptic translation were brutally persecuted by the emperor and his allies.

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rock is a common building material that might interfere with adobe building construction. in some areas, as much as 3 percent of the total roof or wall area of the adobe rancher is covered by rock outcroppings. rock is of varying hardness and has a tendency to break away from the adobe building in a vertical plane. particles of the rock can also work themselves into the adobe; they can crack or dent the brick or mortar and cause the adobe to erode. the cracks of the rock usually extend into the adobe, leaving a neat but weak chink. this mode of failure is usually called spalling. rock outcroppings usually present a problem for the fabric or finish of the adobe building.

when installing base board in a new home, install the base boards very first so as to be able to position the wall surface. as you put in the wall surface, youll be able to establish the next baseboard panels youll be installing.

similarly, adobe is particularly susceptible to freezing, thawing, and wet-dry cycles, as well as humid environments and the possibility of mold and mildew. the rain or combination of rain and snow can quickly soak into the walls, creating the most important cause of visible cracks in adobe walls. if the concrete is very highly, the crack may be huge enough to be noticed with the naked eye. these weather-related problems can also lead to uneven or collapsing adobe, which can be easily noticeable.

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