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After Hours (Deluxe) Zip

If you're in Denver today, January 30 or 31st, drop by the Convention Center to see Zeuss and Chris at the Hennessy Hammock booth # UL30038. People are going wild for the new Survivorman hammock, created in partnership with TV personality, bushcrafter and survivalist Les Stroud. The Survivorman is a double bottomed hammock for extra insulation or...

After Hours (Deluxe) zip

While we cannot guarantee specific delivery times, we are happy to place a request with our florist through our Contact Us page. Our residential deliveries are made between 9am and 6pm in the recipient's time zone, and business deliveries are made between 9am and 5pm in the recipient's time zone.Funeral deliveries will be made prior to the start of the service, so be sure to include your service time on your order.We do offer an expedited option for $4.99. This guarantees delivery, rounded to the next half hour, within four hours of the order being placed. If the order is placed before the desired date of delivery or prior to 8am within the recipient's time zone the delivery is guaranteed by no later than noon."},"question":"Will my order be delivered today?","slug":"will-my-order-be-delivered-today","answer":"The recipient's time zone and delivery day of week determine same day delivery eligibility:Delivery Day of WeekEligibilityMonday - FridayBefore 3PM in Recipient's Time ZoneSaturdayBefore 2PM in Recipient's Time ZoneSundayBefore 1PM in Recipient's Time Zone","question":"What if my recipient isn't home when delivery is made?","slug":"what-if-my-recipient-is-not-home-when-delivery-is-made","answer":"If there is a safe place to leave the arrangement and the weather permits, the florist will often leave the delivery in a secure area.If this is not the case, the florist will leave a door tag and a voicemail. A re-delivery will be scheduled once the recipient's availability has been confirmed.If you have a desired action to take in the event that your recipient is not available, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page and we can provide our florist with the instructions.","question":"What is the difference between your same day and next day deliveries? What is the \"Growers Collection\"?","slug":"what-is-the-difference-between-your-same-day-and-next-day-deliveries-what-is-the-growers-collection","answer":"Our same day products are delivered through a local preferred florist in your recipient's area and are available for both future and same day deliveries. Our products that are marked with the \"NEXT DAY DELIVERY\" tag are not available for same day delivery but are available nationwide for future dates and are delivered in a giftbox with a freshness guarantee.","question":"What do I do if my order is being delivered to a hospital?","slug":"what-do-i-do-if-my-order-is-being-delivered-to-a-hospital","answer":"Sending flowers to a hospital can certainly brighten up someone's day. If your recipient is a patient, the florist will deliver to the nurse's station or front desk where they will bring your arrangement to the patient. If the patient is in the ICU, flowers may not be allowed into the room, so the florist will hold those orders until the patient has been moved to a regular room.If your recipient is an employee at the hospital, it's helpful to let us know at the time of ordering by using the special instructions section during checkout or you can use the Contact Us page and we can let our florist know.","question":"Can you deliver to a military base?","slug":"can-you-deliver-to-a-military-base","answer":"Yes!","question":"Can you deliver to a gated community?","slug":"can-you-deliver-to-a-gated-community","answer":"Yes! If possible, please provide the recipients contact phone number during checkout. If you have already placed your order you may send us an update by visiting the Contact Us page.","question":"What do I do if I need to add a specific time to the order?","slug":"what-do-i-do-if-i-need-to-add-a-specific-time-to-the-order","answer":"We will do everything possible to accommodate any time requests but cannot guarantee specific delivery times. We offer an expedited delivery option available on the website for an additional $4.99.","question":"Do I need to choose expedited delivery option for a funeral service?","slug":"do-i-need-to-choose-expedited-delivery-option-for-a-funeral-service","answer":"No, funeral orders are top priority.","question":"How will I know once my order has been delivered?","slug":"how-will-i-know-once-my-order-has-been-delivered","answer":"You may track the delivery status of your order using our Track Your Order Page. Once your order has been delivered you will receive a delivery confirmation email. Please keep in mind that our florists our hard at work making deliveries and will often update the delivery status once they have returned from delivering orders."]},"sectionTitle":"Website Inquiries","sectionSlug":"website-inquiries","questions":["question":"I received a promotional code, where do I enter it on the order?","slug":"i-received-a-promotional-code-where-do-i-enter-it-on-the-order","answer":"If you have received a promotional code through email simply following the link and we will automatically apply your code and all pricing will reflect your promotion. You can confirm this by noting the code displayed at the top of the webpage. If for any reason you want to apply an alternate promotional code you will have the option at the time of checkout. Just look for the Apply Discount button.","question":"Can you reset my password?","slug":"can-you-reset-my-password","answer":"Unfortunately, we do not have access to your account information. You can easily reset your password, or view your account information by visiting the My Account page.","question":"Where will I find my order total?","slug":"where-will-i-find-my-order-total","answer":"When placing your order, the total will be provided after your billing and card information is shown on the final page of the checkout before we ask you to confirm your order, allowing you to review your order before completion.","question":"Can flowers be delivered to a graveside?","slug":"can-flowers-be-delivered-to-a-graveside","answer":"Yes. You will need the name of the cemetery, as well as the plot number. Typically, the items will need to be in either a basket or plastic vase. Most locations will not permit us to use glass containers.","question":"Can I place more than one order at a time?","slug":"can-i-place-more-than-one-order-at-a-time","answer":"Absolutely! Once you have reached the second page of the order taking process, you may select \"Continue Shopping\" to continue to select additional products, delivery dates and recipients.","question":"What do I do when I see the message \"We're sorry, this product is not available for delivery to your recipient's zip code?\"","slug":"what-do-i-do-when-i-see-the-message-were-sorry-this-product-is-not-available-for-delivery-to-your-recipients-zip-code","answer":"Unfortunately, this means that for a variety of reasons we cannot make a delivery to that location. We do however offer expanded coverage through our Growers Collection. This product collection features fresh flowers delivered in a gift box and features a freshness guarantee.","question":"Why am I being asked for the zip code first? Where do I put the recipient's information?","slug":"why-am-i-being-asked-for-the-zip-code-first-where-do-i-put-the-recipients-information","answer":"We ask for the zip code first to confirm that we have a local florist available in the area of your recipient. After the zip code is provided, the site will bring you to the shopping cart to review the items selected, and finally to the page where you enter in your recipient's information.","question":"What do I do if I placed two orders by mistake?","slug":"what-do-i-do-if-i-placed-two-orders-by-mistake","answer":"We can certainly help! Just head over to our Contact Us page and use any one of the available methods to reach out to one of our 24 x 7 customer service agents who will be happy to help."],"sectionTitle":"Product Inquires","sectionSlug":"product-inquiries","questions":["question":"What are the differences between the sizes for the chocolates and teddy bears?","slug":"what-are-the-differences-between-the-sizes-for-the-chocolates-and-teddy-bears","answer":"For the chocolates, the small has 4 to 6 pieces, medium has 6 to 10 pieces, and large has 10 to 14 pieces. The chocolates that arrive with our Grower's Collection product feature a 4 pieces assortment.Small teddy bears are around 6 inches, the medium size is 8 to 10 inches, and the large size is 10 to 12 inches.","question":"What kind of chocolates are included with my order?","slug":"what-kind-of-chocolates-are-included-with-my-order","answer":"Our florists often use the finest chocolates available in their area. Whereas, the chocolates delivered with our Grower's Collection items are Coblentz chocolates.","question":"What kind of teddy bear is included?","slug":"what-kind-of-teddy-bear-is-included","answer":"The teddy bear will be chosen by our preferred local florist. The bears can range in a variety of colors.","question":"What kind of balloons are available and how long do they last?","slug":"what-kind-of-balloons-are-available-and-how-long-do-they-last","answer":"Latex balloons come in an assortment of colors and typically last about 24 hours. Mylar balloons come in variety of styles based upon the selection you made for the occasion. These balloons typically last 5 days.","question":"What flowers\/plants are cats allergic to?","slug":"what-flowers-plants-are-cats-allergic-to","answer":"The main kinds of flowers and plants that may be harmful to cats are lilies, amaryllis, daffodils, tulips, chrysanthemums, hyacinth, iris, gladioli, and cyclamen.","question":"What flowers\/plants are dogs allergic to?","slug":"what-flowers-plants-are-dogs-allergic-to","answer":"The main kinds of flowers and plants that may be harmful to dogs are azalea, cyclamen, lilies, delphiniums, hyacinth, and hydrangea.","question":"Will my order look exactly like the picture on the website?","slug":"will-my-order-look-exactly-like-the-picture-on-the-website","answer":"The picture shown on the website is of the deluxe size of the arrangement. The regular will have a few less stems and the premium a few more. Additionally, all items have a slight substitution policy that allow the florist to make minor substitutions regarding color, flower, or container to ensure the best possible presentation based on season and product availability.","question":"Will there be substitutions on my order?","slug":"will-there-be-substitutions-on-my-order","answer":"Substitutions may be necessary to ensure your arrangement is delivered in a timely manner. The utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that the bouquet is as similar as possible to the purchased item."],"sectionTitle":"Alcohol Beverage Shipping","sectionSlug":"alcohol-beverage-shipping","questions":["question":"Who is the vendor of the alcoholic beverages in the gift basket?","slug":"who-is-the-vendor-of-the-alcoholic-beverages-in-the-gift-basket","answer":"All orders are submitted to, accepted, processed, and fulfilled by the licensed vendor,, (except for customer orders in certain states in which has partnered with another licensed vendor), House of Wine and Liquor. All orders are subject to review by us or our licensed vendor partner and may be rejected for any reason. The licensed vendor, as applicable, will be responsible for fulfilling all orders including without limitation receipt of the purchase price, shipping, returns, refunds, and the payment of any applicable marketing fees.","question":"What if I live in a State that restricts alcohol beverage shipments?","slug":"what-if-i-live-in-a-state-that-restricts-alcohol-beverage-shipments","answer":"Certain states, counties, cities, and towns expressly prohibit the direct shipment of alcoholic beverages to consumers and violation of such laws, rules, and\/or regulations can be punishable as a misdemeanor or felony. Additional restrictions limit the quantity and type of alcoholic beverages permitted to be shipped to an individual address or consumer. Our licensed vendor may reject or cancel any orders that exceed such limitations. If you have questions about local laws, rules, or regulations, please contact your local alcohol beverage control agency.","question":"Do I need to be home when my gift basket with alcoholic beverages arrives?","slug":"do-i-need-to-be-home-when-my-gift-basket-with-alcoholic-beverages-arrives","answer":"Yes. The signature of an adult 21 years or older with valid identification is required for delivery. We highly recommend shipping to your place of business if you cannot receive an order at home. Customer requests such as \"Please leave on back porch\" or \"Please leave at front door\" will not be followed.","question":"Is there an age requirement to receive my gift basket with alcoholic beverages?","slug":"is-there-an-age-requirement-to-receive-my-gift-basket-with-alcoholic-beverages","answer":"Yes. You must be 21 to purchase or receive. The signature of an adult who is 21 or older is required for the delivery.","question":"What states can ship gift baskets with alcoholic beverages to?","slug":"what-states-can-giftbasket-com-ship-gift-baskets-with-alcoholic-beverages-to","answer":"Due to alcoholic beverage restrictions within certain states, we only ship to the following states: AK, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, FL, HI, IA, ID, KS, LA, MA, MD, ME, MN, MO, NE, NH, NJ, NM, NV, NY, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, VA, VT, WA, WI, WV, WY. We will be monitoring any changes to state laws, so if we cannot ship to you yet, we hope to in the future!Title to, and ownership of all alcoholic beverages pass to the purchaser in the state of our licensed vendor's location where the sale occurs. The purchaser takes all responsibility for the alcoholic beverages being transported from our licensed vendor's location to their home state. By placing an order, the purchaser authorizes to act on the purchaser's behalf in arranging for transportation of the gift baskets at the purchaser's direction. By arranging for transportation, is providing a service to, and acting on behalf of the purchaser. By utilizing this service from, the purchaser is representing that they are acting in a manner compliant with their local and state laws regarding the purchase, transportation, and delivery of alcoholic beverages. makes no representation as to the legal rights of anyone to deliver or import any alcoholic beverages or other goods into any state. The purchaser is solely responsible for the transport of alcohol beverages and other goods purchased and for determining the legality and the tax\/duty consequences of having the alcoholic beverages and other goods delivered to the applicable destination. The purchaser represents that they have obtained any required permission, paid any required fees, are working through properly licensed intermediaries when required, are legally entitled to take possession of alcoholic beverages, and are legally entitled to take quantities ordered, and are not less than 21 years of age. Sales tax is applied based on our licensed vendor's location."],"sectionTitle":"Payment Inquiries","sectionSlug":"payment-inquiries","questions":["question":"Can I use more than one discount?","slug":"can-i-use-more-than-one-discount","answer":"We cannot combine discounts and credits, but we will be happy to apply the largest discount to your order!","question":"Do you take cash?","slug":"do-you-take-cash","answer":"We do not, however, we accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay.","question":"Do you accept PayPal?","slug":"do-you-accept-paypal","answer":"Yes, we accept PayPal.","question":"What is your service fee for?","slug":"what-is-your-service-fee-for","answer":"Our service fee guarantees your 100% satisfaction and that your delivery will be made by one of our local preferred florists in your recipient's area."]]}; Join Over 8 Million Satisfied Customers 041b061a72

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